“Nina is not only an amazing photographer, she is a kind and compassionate woman. I have never been comfortable in front of a camera, therefore, I procrastinated in completing my website. Nina was amazing! Her grace and fluidity behind the lens made me feel as though we were friends enjoying a beautiful day together.

Her soft spoken voice and gentle manner felt so encouraging as she guided me through the shoot. As a yoga teacher and psychotherapist, I wanted the pictures to capture a sense of ease and accessibility.

I have received so many compliments on my website photos. Everyone said the same thing: ‘it’s so you’. Thank you Nina, your beautiful photography speaks volumes and your engaging nature let it all happen.”

Mary Partridge

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“Working with Nina is such a pleasure. She takes her time in getting to know her subject in a warm and caring way Her professionalism and eye for detail is unparalleled. Her ability to capture moments of naturalism puts a smile on my face.

It's such a gift to have images that convey who I am as a person and at the same time, to have images that are captivating and beautiful: framed out treasure troves. Her quality images to choose from has made such a difference in promoting my career as a yoga teacher and artist.”

Tim M.
Artist, Yoga Teacher


“Nina is an exceptional photographer. She captures details and perspectives that one doesn’t see by just looking at the subject. Nina’s other strength is documenting a person’s true essence when they are in their moment. She does this without the person or persons realizing that she is photographing them. I hired her to photograph an event that I had and the chef was skeptical about on having a photographer there, shooting him while he cooked. Nina’s professionalism and her respectfulness not getting in his way while shooting him won him over. He was happy and impressed with the photographs she took. If you want to capture a special moment, Nina is the photographer for you.”

Andrea Caccuro
Casa Hudson Bed & Breakfast


“If the goal of the photographer is to capture the essence of the subject, than Nina does this from every angle and every shade of light imaginable to deliver a composition of beauty that is truly whole. She gives such close attention to her subjects and to her surroundings that one cannot help but feel embraced and uplifted by her scientific and poetic approach.

Working with Nina brought out a deeper sense of beauty within me that was exposed and supported in the finished product. It is a true joy to recommend her.”

Allison Miller
Actress, Yoga Teacher